Feel Better in your BODY.
Feel Better in your MIND.
Feel Better in your LIFE.

For thousands of years, the yogis have been telling us that purification is the way to feel better, live longer, be happier. We’re finally starting to get it here in the western world. Seasonal cleansing has been the missing link to our health and well-being in the west. Digestion problems, trouble sleeping, inflammation, headaches, anxiety, depression, extra weight….these are just a few of the symptoms that let us know it’s time to detox. A cleanse is the perfect way to give your body a break and reassess what’s out of balance in our lives….. a time to eliminate the toxicity that we’ve accumulated, in body and in mind. Traditionally, the practice of Ayurveda tells us to follow the cycles of nature to guide our cleansing practice. When the seasons are mild (spring and fall), longer cleanse periods are suggested and when the seasons are more extreme (winter and summer) just a few days is best.

The Mind Body Cleanse method is a mindful and holistic approach to detoxing your body, your mind and your life in the support of community using various cleansing techniques, movement, journaling and meditation. With informed guidance, you’ll create your own plan in order to go as deep as you’re ready to go.

Inspired by the practice of yoga, Ayurveda & modern nutrition, the winter and summer cleanses can be tailored to 3, 5 or 7 days and the spring and fall cleanses run from 21 to 40 days.

In a Mind-Body Cleanse Group you will be empowered to:

Change your relationship with food through developing a mindful eating practice.

Clean up your diet; eliminating the toxic burden of refined/processed foods and enjoying healthy, nutrient-dense whole foods.

Fine-tune your own unique cleanse plan to take the cleansing process to the level that you are ready to go.

Enhance and strengthen your body’s natural cleansing mechanisms.

Facilitate the detoxification process through yoga and a gentle movement practice.

Identify and release toxic, negative thought patterns.

Explore many other cleansing techniques to lighten up your life.

Benefit from the support of community during this powerful process…change is easier with help from your friends!